• Health Insurance
  • Business travel
  • Group personal accident
  • Engineering Machinery
  • Jewelers insurance
  • Money
  • Goods in transit
  • Fire extended perils
  • Contractors all risk
  • Business interruption
  • Health Insurance

    Peace of Mind Regardless of how healthy you are, no one is immune to the possibility of a major accident or sudden serious illness. Routine doctor’s visits may be easy to manage but more serious conditions can cause health expenses to increase dramatically. Isn’t it nice to know that you can access health care when you need it without the fear of financial strain? With AHI range of health insurance plans, we offer you peace of mind in some of life’s toughest moments. Our range of flexible, comprehensive plans cover a variety of health insurance needs. Supplemental coverage We have extensive experience in the provision of supplemental insurance which offers additional protection for those services and expenses not covered by AZV. Vision Our Vision Care plan provides you with additional eye care coverage that a general health insurance policy would not normally cover. Dental Care Our Dental Care plan helps to cover the costs associated with costly dental work. Abroad You are also covered for medical costs when travelling abroad. Corporate packages Group Health - For employers with a minimum of 10 employees, we offer Group health insurance coverage.

    • Affordable - Guaranteed lowest group rates for the most balanced coverage
    • Accessible - Access to Senior Management
    • Flexible - Create the plan that’s right for your employees
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  • Business travel

    Business travel can be tiring for the traveller as well as the business’ expense account, but when unexpected issues arise and result in additional costs then the business is often liable to cover those costs, resulting in financial fatigue. By safeguarding your business from needing to incur the extra costs from unforeseen events, you protect its financial wellbeing from unforeseen difficulties. AHI Travel Insurance policy provides cover for any or all of the following:

    •  Personal accident benefits in case of accidental bodily injury resulting in death or disablement.
    • Medical and other expenses in the event of illness, injury or death. Loss of deposits and tour charges if a journey is cancelled or cut short for certain specified reasons.
    • Loss or damage of luggage.
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  • Group personal accident

    If an employee is injured or passes away from an accident while on duty, the results can bedevastating. Aside from the physical and/or emotional damage, the employee or his/her family may also be under immense financial strain because of the accident, and your business could incur the costs associated with the event. You can protect your business and employees from being financially burdened by the unexpected. AHI Group Personal Accident policy was specifically devised to protect your business and employees by providing a weekly income to the employee if an accidental bodily injury results in their temporary total disablement, or to provide a lump sum payment if the injury results in permanent total disablement, loss of limbs, or death of the employee. This policy also offers coverage for the associated medical expenses of such an injury, subject to certain limits. Contact us now for more information.

  • Engineering Machinery

    The loss or damage of machinery and plants would hugely affect the livelihood of many types of businesses that rely on their machinery for operations. You can protect your business by making sure its finances keep running like a well-oiled machine in the event of such loss or damage. AHI has developed an Engineering Machinery policy that covers you for sudden and unforeseen accidental damage to your plant and machinery, as well as accidental damage caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown of the business’ plant and machinery. Contact us now for more information.

  • Jewelers insurance

    Jeweler store owners and operators have specific needs for insurance coverage that are different from other types of businesses. Designed specifically for jeweler store owners and operators, the AHI Jewelers policy protects jeweler stores against the loss or damage to business personal property such as the jewelry, furnishings and store fixtures. Our policy covers the store from loss due to hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, windstorm, explosions, aircraft damage, floods, volcanic eruptions, malicious damage, riots, lightning, fires, theft and burglary. Coverage can also be extended to include protection against hold ups, smash and grab robberies and other circumstances. Contact us now for more information.

  • Money

    Make sure your cash on hand doesn’t become cash out of hand. Keeping cash belonging to the business on premises, or transporting it for the business, is inevitable for most companies. Having funds in hand also increases the risk of possible loss or damage of the cash, which is why it’s important that businesses dealing with money are covered for such accidents. AHI Insurance's Money policy provides cover for:

    • Money that is lost, destroyed or damaged by any cause while:
      1. On the premises when open for business,
      2. Being conveyed by an employee or other authorised person,
      3. In the bank’s night safe,
      4. In specified safes or strong rooms on the premises, and
      5. On contract sites
      The policy also covers:
    • Assault Risk
    • Damage to clothing of employees or principals due to theft or attempted theft
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  • Goods in transit

    Don’t let your business travel the bumpy road of financial loss by covering your goods for the road they travel. Goods transported, by road or rail, are at risk of possible loss or damage while in transit and the likelihood of such loss or damage is increased for businesses that transport goods regularly. Covering the costs of those losses can strain a business’ accounts and become a burden. Safeguard your business from having to incur the costs in the event that your business’ goods are damaged, destroyed or lost. AHI Insurance’s Goods in Transit policy protects your business from those unexpected financial setbacks. It covers:

    • Loss or damage as a result of fire, theft or accidental means to property in transit by road or rail.
    • Loss or damage to property temporarily housed in the course of transit by road or rail.
      We can customise your Goods in Transit policy to suit the specific needs of your company – whether you need cover for a specific transit, on an annual basis with a specified limit, or on a declaration basis. Contact us now for more information.

  • Fire extended perils

    Disasters are, more often than not, out of your control and they usually leave devastation in their wake. Commercial property, a business’ assets and its valuables are very costly. Insuring them protects your business from the financial catastrophe of needing to cover any loss or damage in the event of an unfortunate accident. AHI Insurance offers a Fire and Special Perils policy that can be tailored to suit your business. Our policy provides cover for loss or damage to:

    •  Buildings
    •  Machinery, plant and equipment
    •  Furniture, fixtures and fittings
    •  Stock
    • Leasehold improvements
    • Other specified property
    • Stamp duties
    • The policy also includes coverage for loss or damage as a result of:
    • Fire, lightning and explosion
    • Hurricane, tornado or windstorm, and flood
    • Earthquakes and volcanic eruption
    • Riots and strikes
    • Malicious acts
    • Impact by road vehicles
    • Aircrafts or articles dropped from aircrafts
    • Bursting or overflowing of water pipes/tanks or apparatus
      This policy’s benefits can be extended beyond these listed above to suit your business’ environment and needs, ensuring you’re properly protected in the event of a devastating accident. Contact us now for more information.

  • Contractors all risk

    As a contractor, your business activities don’t always occur in the safety of an office space. In fact, you often operate in an environment slightly more hazardous than that, where you and your business could be held liable for the damage of property or the injury of a third party. AHI Insurance's Contractor's All Risks policy provides contractors with cover for:

    • Loss or damage to contract works comprising the permanent and temporary works forming part of the contract, including materials incorporated or to be incorporated in the works.
    • Loss or damage to the construction plant.
    • Liability to the public for accidents resulting in the bodily injury or death of any person (excluding employees) and third party property damage.
    The cover commences from the start date of the contract works and is terminated either on the handing over of the completed project to the principal or at the expiry date of the contract, whichever comes first. This policy is extendable, ensuring your policy benefits meet the specific needs of your company. Among other possible extended benefits available, there are:
    • Materials in transit
    • Removal of debris
    • Contractor’s and Quantity Surveyor’s fees
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  • Business interruption

    The interruption of your business’ operations affects you, your employees, your business’ finances, and possibly even your business’ overall growth. Covering your business for the consequences of an interruption ensures that it doesn’t suffer a major loss. AHI Business Interruption policy provides cover for:

    • The consequential financial losses suffered as a result of interference or disruption of the business following loss or damage caused by fire and other perils insured against.
    • Additional increased costs of operations (up to certain limits). Professional accounting fees to verify a claim.
    • This policy is extendable, ensuring your benefits meet the specific needs of your company.
    Among other possible extended benefits available, there are:
    • The denial of access
    • Customers and suppliers dependency
    • Public utilities dependency
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