Why insurance matters

Life is fraught with risks. Some are bigger than others, of course, and can threaten our health and well-being or our very livelihoods.

But if we shied away from every risk we faced, we’d never have a moment to enjoy life, or to achieve our professional  and personal goals. Thank goodness, then, for insurance!

Insurance matters because it protects what matters most to us from the risks we face every day. Insurance can’t stop the unexpected from happening, but it can protect us from the financial losses those incidents can bring about, and prevent us from having to dig deep into our savings, or off-load assets, in order to recover.

That’s why having the right insurance program in place to cover the unique risks faced by you, your family, your possessions is so important. Deciding on what insurance to buy is not something that should be rushed into without due consideration.

Household Insurance
At AHI insurances we are able to organize insurance cover for a full range of risks that may occur in and around your home. Whether you require a basic contents policy or a fully comprehensive package to include home and contents. Contact us now for more information.

Vehicle Insurance
We go the extra mile to arrange the best vehicle policy for your needs. Don’t forget that with most policies you will be able to retain your current no claims bonus. Contact us now for more information.

Health Insurance
When living in an island you want to be sure of the best health care possible. Young or old, in poor health or in tip-top shape? No two people are the same! Some need more care than others. And someone else wants a lot of comfort. That’s why we offer a variety of choices. Choose our Healthcare package that best suits you. Contact us now for more information.

Funeral Insurance
Our funeral insurance plans can help relieve the financial burden at what is already a devastating and stressful time for your family and friends. Contact us now for more information.

Personal accident
Personal accidents are always unexpected and can have major consequences. We don’t want to assume they’ll happen, but when they do, it’s better to be well insured. Sometimes the financial consequences are immense. AHI’s Accident insurance will help you and your family cope with the financial consequences of an accident, even in the event of permanent disability or death. Contact us now for more information.

Public Liability insurance
Things happen by accident all the time: the kids break a window throwing rocks; you break a borrowed drill; your dog chews through somebody else’s TV cable. These are the kinds of accidents that can just happen. With AHI’s Public Liability insurance, you know these sorts of accidents won’t become financial burdens for you.
Wherever you are in the world, we reimburse the costs of damage that you, the person you live with, or your pet have caused, whether it’s bodily injury or material damage. So, relax a little bit Contact us now for more information.

Travel Insurance
Take out our Travel insurance quickly and easily. Going skiing, snowboarding or golfing, for example? Then you can choose additional coverage when taking out the insurance. Have the exact coverage you want for every vacation. Contact us now for more information.

Continuous Travel Insurance
Do you frequently enjoy vacations? Choose convenience. Travel with the comfort of knowing that you are always insured, wherever you go. If you are on vacation alone or with your family for longer than 2 weeks more than 2 times a year, our Continuous Travel Insurance is the best choice for you. Contact us now for more information.

Private Yacht & Boat
For many of us who live and play in the islands, water activities are an important way of life. With an AHI Private Yacht or Boat policy, you can relax knowing your boat or personal watercraft is covered. From the smallest dinghy to the longest sailboat, AHI will cover your vessel on sea or on land.
Protection includes, but is not limited to, most perils of the seas, natural or manmade disasters, theft, malicious acts, collision and acts of piracy.
Contact us now for more information.